DIY Glass Pool Fence

DIY your glass fence system is the best and safest way to fence your pool or balcony. There are popular choice for pool fence in Australia like both fully frameless and semi-frameless glass fence systems. ALB Hardware Group can offer a large range to choose from to make any pool fence, balcony application or outdoor area easy to design. We manufacture 316L stainless steel glass spigots, quality aluminium glass spigots, deck mount glass fence spigots, core drill glass spigots, CNC machining glass spigots, casting glass spigots, etc. They suit clear, toughened glass which are available in 8mm, 10mm and 12mm thickness depending on desired span and design with several heights options too.

Here is our popular-style aluminium glass fence spigot A1:

glass fence spigot A2 5351s