Order link: Price for 1 pcs Model F1S Stainless Steel Glass Pool Fence Spigots. This model sold $89 per pcs at Store. Marine Grade Stainless Steel 316L made. Classic Satin Finish. 150mm high,50mm size from glass bottom to ground! 45 X 45 mm Square Column 95mm dia Base Plate 97mm dia x 26mm High [...]

180MM TALL Classical Model R12 Glass Fence Spigots; 110MM High Groove! Stronger than 100mm! Machined from Solid rod! Not casting! Weight: 2.2 KG! Safer than 1.5~1.6 kg ones. 5-Year Quality Warranty! Design comply to Australian Standard AS1926.1-2007 & AS1288 & AS1926. International Grade Stainless Steel 316L made, Mirror Surface. Suits 10 ~ 12mm Frameless toughened [...]

DIY your glass fence system is the best and safest way to fence your pool or balcony. There are popular choice for pool fence in Australia like both fully frameless and semi-frameless glass fence systems. ALB Hardware Group can offer a large range to choose from to make any pool fence, balcony application or outdoor area [...]

  This simple rectangle swimming pool is augmented with a split level timber deck adjacent to the residence and another timber deck at the opposite end to provide a sense of character.      

1. Measure Site; 2. Mark out Glass Fence; 3. Allow Spacing between Pool Fence Glass Panles; 4. Measure Glass Fence Spigot Spacing’s; 5. Mark Glass Fence Spigot Centres; 6. Drill Glass Fence Spigot Cores; 7. Attach Glass Fence Spgiots to Glass Panel; 8. Position Glass Panels in Pool Fence Line; 9. Clamp Glass Panels in [...]

NEW DESIGN Square Spigots Model F2 Same model as the hot-sale ones in Burnings Warehouse. Marine Grade Stainless Steel 316L made. Satin or Mirror Polish for choice. Machined by Solid Bar, Not Casting! 160MM Total Height, Not 150! 110MM Groove, Stronger than 100m! Net Weight: 2.60 kg per piece. 50 X 50 mm Square Column 97 X [...]

Nowadays people like to fence their swimming pool or balcony with DIY Glass Fence Systems. The best and safest way is to use our Fully Frameless and our Semi-Frameless glass fencing systems as the most popular choice for pool fencing and balconies all over Australia. We offer a large range to choose from and an easy [...]

ALB Frameless Glass Pool Fencing follows the latest trend in architectural design for pool enclosures. Frameless tempered glass panels are solely attached from the bottom by high strength 316L stainless steel clamps. The clamps are base mounted & core drilled. NEW SQUARE Glass pool fencing spigot makes the pool fence providing an almost invisible look with no [...]

ALB Glass Spigots adopt solid stainless steel 316l material, which is low carbon stainless, durable & antirust. Let’s introduce superior level stainless steel 316l below: Stainless Steel 316L Chemical Formula: Fe, <0.03% C, 16-18.5% Cr, 10-14% Ni, 2-3% Mo, <2% Mn, <1% Si, <0.045% P, <0.03% S Stainless Steel 316L Background: Grade 316 is the standard [...]